Is buying essays a good way out?


Is buying essays a good way out?

Many people ask if it is really good to buy essays from essay writing help services instead of writing them. Before deciding whether to buy an article or write it yourself, there are certain factors you should consider. There are very many people who can write any type of article for you at a fee. You can buy articles that already exist or have a new article written for you. All you need is to agree on which type of article, the word count, the deadline of the article, format and the agreed amount to pay. The price can vary depending on the article writer.


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Why you need to buy an article

You may find yourself in a position where you cannot write yet you need that particular article. You need not worry as there are many people willing to sell articles to you. You may not be able to write the article yourself due to:

  • Lack of time

You may find yourself loaded with tons of work such that it’s impossible for you to write your own article. This is mainly because you require to have ample time to probably research on the article before writing it. Why then worry when there are people willing to do all that for you.

  • Lack of necessary skills and experience

Writing articles require skills and if one lacks such skills, they end up writing a poor article. In such a case, you need a person with those skills who will deliver a high quality article for you.

  • Complexity of the article you need

You might possess the required skills but find that the article is so complex. You might find that you do not even understand what the article requires of you. You need to hire the services of an article writer as many of them are experienced in handling complex articles.


What you need to consider when buying an article

  • The price

The price of the article should be affordable. However, it should not be too low. Articles that are so cheap end up being of poor quality. This is because the writer might spend little time trying to compensate the amount he/she could have charged. The price should be moderate. To  know how a great essay should look like, please check the video

  • The quality of the article

It’s advisable to pay for the article after it has been delivered to you. This is to ensure that you pay for a high quality article. In case you find that the article delivered does not meet the required threshold, you should request the writer to redo failure to which he/she does not get the money. To avoid having low quality articles being delivered to you and therefore extending the time you intended to have the article written, you should confirm the qualifications of the writer before you hire.

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  • In the case where you need a new article written, you should give a deadline

Deadlines are important to ensure that the writer delivers the article in good time for you to assess the quality.

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10 most interesting topics to write for an essay


10 most interesting topics to write for an essay

Identifying a topic to write about in you essay can be quite tough. This is mainly because you might choose a topic and thereafter end up realizing that you have no idea what to write.writing essay

Probably because you have no information about the topic or you simply don’t find the topic interesting to you. An interesting topic can be fun to write and would not take too much of your time as compared to a less interesting one.

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It’s easier to research information on an interesting topic and also generate new ideas on the same. Some of the most interesting topics are:

  • Politics and power

One would derive very many ideas from this topic. Politics has a huge influence on people such that very many people find themselves discussing politics every now and then. Politics would not be of great importance to people if power wasn’t involved. Many people join politics in search of power. The activities relating to this topic can generate very strong ideas for an essay.

  • Religion

Due to its diverse nature, many people possess different ideologies on it. There exist many different beliefs that people have upheld over time. This different beliefs are the source of the various idea a writer can express in their essay.

  • Technology

The world is currently experiencing rapid technological changes. These changes are affecting everyone either in a positive or a negative way. This therefore can be a great topic for an essay as the information relating to it is widely spread.

  • Lifestyle

The general style of living of people can be very interesting especially when you consider the various values and attitudes they hold. Such a topic can generate a lot of ideas which would not cost one much effort to compile into an essay. For example, one can discuss about drugs, sex and money and how people view it. The different views people hold on relationships and marriages would also bring up exciting ideas.

  • Business

In this world, almost everything is business. It is a very wide topic that one cannot exhaust the different ideas. A writer specializing in this topic can find it very interesting due to the various business practices.

  • Environment

The environment is a great contributor to our lifestyles. Therefore, discussing such a topic can be very interesting as everyone in the world should be concerned. For example one can point on how human beings have continuously neglected their environment.

  • Education

There are many changes taking place in the education sector especially now that technology has advanced. The evolution of education and its effect in the live of people can be quite exciting to discuss. Also people’s response to education.

  • Racism and ethnicity

These are factors affecting people on daily basis. Negative racism and ethnicity is a major concern to people.

  • War and peace

Some people find war very interesting probably due to the funny causes of war. On the other hand, peace brings stability.

  • Law and order

For human beings to exist peacefully, law and order must be maintained. This topic can be very interesting for an essay.

 In conclusion

Always remember:

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Writing an introduction


There us nothing as important as having a well written and captivating introduction.

Writing an essay introductionWhether you are writing an essay, a research paper, a dissertation, a blog post ……name any, a good introduction is a must. I found this video that was so effective in communicating on how to do it.

Here is an image that summaries the whole point of an introduction

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